Applepalm | Fall 2014 / Runway-Inspired Trend Report
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Fall 2014 / Runway-Inspired Trend Report

M I L I T A R Y     M O D 

Khaki, forest green, camel and brown are colors that are no stranger to the fall fashion color palette. This year, however, they graced the runway in an army-inspired style that was both strong and feminine- providing us all with a fresh spin on these classic, fall colors.


.                ISABEL MARANT                                                   BALMAIN                                                                   H&M                                                                       H&M


B U  N D L E     UP

What do you get when you combine a plethora of knit sweaters, wool coats, trousers, scarves and any other layering piece? The most comfortable, effortless, editorial look that has inspired both luxury designers and some of our favorite shops!

RL02 CHLOE01 25B04HNAV_2_largefsf

.              RALPH LAUREN                                                           CHLOE                                                               TOPSHOP                                                                 H&M


E M B E L L I S H E D 

This trend is the perfect transition from fall into the holidays. Wearing your jewelry on your clothes is a fun, unique way to add texture and boldness to any look!

GIVENCHY02 MARNI01 13J24GBLK_2_largevfx

.                   GIVENCHY                                                               MARNI                                                             TOPSHOP                                                                      H&M