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Applepalm is Fashion Web-based software company located in the heart of the Fashion District in Los Angeles. Self sustaining profitable business through various sales channels. Website Development, Digital Marketing, Photography, and Custom Software Solutions
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Internet Marketing for your Online Fashion Business

Internet Marketing for your Online Fashion Business

Every company should be built on a good foundation and the best indicator of this in our current day and age is a company’s website (you can refer to our 10 ecommerce tips if you need more information on how to set a good foundation). When setup correctly, websites should be able to acquire traffic and eventually convert it to sales or leads. Although, you need to find ways to bring traffic to your website before you can even begin considering conversions. An obvious method of doing this is by offering tips and information related to your industry based upon an effective SEO.

Before I get to the details, let me start by saying that Google has gotten a lot smarter. In order to utilize it effectively for your marketing purposes, you will need to understand its algorithm and have a basic understanding of onsite and offsite SEO. For example, onsite SEO used to just be about getting keywords strewn throughout your site (read more about onsite SEO), but now that search engines have developed more highbrow capacities, they now screen out websites that don’t make contextual sense. So, if your keywords are randomly placed, you probably have a high chance of being screened out. As for offsite SEO (read more on offsite SEO), you can’t just distribute your link on various websites anymore to gain more traffic. In fact, you may stand a chance of getting blacklisted if you attempt to use backhanded methods to magically gain new traffic such as the ‘black hat’ method. Rather, in order to gain that offsite connection, you need to do your due diligence to establish substantial value gained by this connection.

This is where thousands of dollars have been thrown into the trash by other fashion brands in the market. Previous SEO companies tainted the industry by promising you the world, but instead you ended up feeling like they stole your money. This isn’t necessarily to say that it was entirely their fault either. Since the prospect of managing SEO was new to everyone at that point, they didn’t give you the right consultation or tools and you didn’t know how to get involved in the process. Although, now that people are savvier with SEO it is definitely a worthwhile investment if you have the time, ideas, and concepts to maintain your SEO. If you don’t want to waste your time or resources just yet, you may want to stick to PPC since you are guaranteed traffic by Google.

If, however, you want to start incorporating SEO for your business, you should start by preparing a few concepts, stories, or topics to build your brand around. Once these concepts have been compiled, you can build optimized content to go along with these concepts which become the backbone of your SEO. For a deeper explanation about SEO I recommend reading The Content Marketing Institute’s article, ‘What is Content Optimization?’ Or, if you want to understand more about content optimization with regards to Google search query outputs, you should view MOZ’s video on semantic basics embedded in their article ‘What SEOs Need to Know About Topic Modeling & Semantic.’ Even though they break it down to simple terms, you can still get a general feel for its complexity.

If this is your first exposure to SEO and content marketing and you are already feeling overwhelmed, you can discuss your concerns with one of our specialists before you attempt to launch something on your own. I understand that I’m generalizing a lot of information quickly so if you need the extra step-by-step help, one of our specialists can guide you through the process and explain along the way. We believe our clients should be well-informed so they make the best choices for their business.

Now, for those who are more comfortable around SEO, I would suggest that you incorporate tools such as content aggregators into your strategy. Content aggregators allow you to extract the best types of topics and keywords to use for attracting customers in your industry. Based on this information, you can craft your article to answer queries that your target market is generally searching for online. Just like you expect to find informative answers to your own Google queries, create an atmosphere where your visitor finds you trustworthy. Impart valuable information to them and not only will you begin to build an internal referral network, Google will also begin to establish the connection that your content is applicable in answering common queries in your industry and output your site as a possible solution.

Sincerity counts for a lot, but before you start dreaming about major traffic from one or two articles, you need to understand that building a strategy with relevant concepts and ideas will take some time, but that SEO consistency pays off in the long run. All major trafficked websites had to start small at some point so keep in mind that you will need to build a lot of new content information around your brand’s image before you start reaping strong traffic and a recognizable identity online.

For example, if you have a spare moment, you should browse through lulu lemons website. Their site has also garnered an estimated 586.3K/month SEO click ratio compared to their 30.4K from PPC. This is potentially due to a heavy load of optimized informative content geared specifically for their target market. In addition, if there’s any truth to learning from pioneering experts, you should analyze their site and their backlinks to get ideas on how you should be targeting your audience.

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Lastly, if I didn’t stress this enough earlier, please take note that it is extremely important that you have a consistent flow of information to stay relevant so if you’re planning on investing in SEO, don’t expect to get by half-heartedly. To execute your SEO properly, you will need a SEO writer, a SEO tech, and a distibutor of news (PR Agent/Agency) to help you develop the right product, integrate it into your website, and spread the news. Your content will determine your visitors so you need to make sure the information generated is specifically tailored for your business (the most common mistake we see is B2B going after B2C). Your end goal then, if you’ve played your cards well, is to become a largely recognized site in your industry. This can be a great asset to your company’s overall value and will give you the ability to capitalize on your terms.

If you would like to know more about how Applepalm can help you with your content optimization, contact to schedule a free consultation.