Applepalm | Internet Marketing Agency for Brands and Sellers of Fashion
Unlike, other digital marketing agencies, we specialize only in the fashion industry and provide the secret formula needed for business to thrive online.
Applepalm is Fashion Web-based software company located in the heart of the Fashion District in Los Angeles. Self sustaining profitable business through various sales channels. Website Development, Digital Marketing, Photography, and Custom Software Solutions
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Digital Branding by Big Contents

Applepalm uses Big Content Management Strategy using Big data + Contents management system. This enables us to forecast and predict the penetration of contents delivery rate to the target audience.

It is proven and cost-effective. We’re committed to help our client to grow their online presence bigger & faster in ever-changing online market.


Digital Marketing

Brand your business online through our tested SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Influence Marketing services.

There are many Digital Marketing services out there, but many times they fail to show results due to their cookie cutter tactics which no longer work. Let us introduce you to marketing done right, tailored specifically for your company and industry. We believe that Digital Marketing is a reflection of the company it promotes. Rather than be another blasé copycat, partner with one of our specialists who will work with you to create a unique image of your company that will bring you brand loyalty, sustainability, and possibly even word of mouth marketing. Your customers are your best asset and giving them a memorable experience and great overall impression of your company’s brand is sure to win you customers for life who are more than willing to promote your products on your behalf. Our campaign managers have years of experience working in the fashion industry and understand how to best reach results so you can be confident that we can create for you a concept that works well with your company dynamics and can continue to grow and thrive with your business.


Internet Marketing

Search engines have largely become the equivalent of walking encyclopedias. Any time an individual has a question, their first instinct is to search for an answer on the internet which will normally give them the answer they were looking for with little to no effort. Due to this, the best way to gain visibility as a new or less-known company is by incorporating search engine marketing tactics. Our team of experts can help you with that by building a concept to brand, strategizing ideas, and developing optimized content, videos and graphic materials to get your site output by the major search engines. Once you have built a concept to brand, your project manager can take you along the whole process of determining whether you want to utilize SEO or PPC or whether you need the help of one of our content writers to develop optimized content. Our in-house team can execute anything you require and the project manager assigned to you will be your main point of contact through the whole process so you don’t need to worry about forgetting names or appointments with other departments.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing all of your internet content is important if you hope to be a potential query output for major search engines like Google. In order to make sure your site reaches your target market, our experts utilize a special software program to extract and aggregate the most relevant online queries for your industry. These queries help us generate topics and keywords that your target market is certain to search for and in turn allows us to work with you in developing optimized content. When implemented correctly, optimized content will boost the visibility of your website, blog, product descriptions, videos, and social media. For more information on how this process works read MOZ’s article “What SEOs Need to Know about Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity.”


Content Marketing

As noted above, our special software program allows us to generate topics and keywords most relevant to your target market’s queries on Google and other major search engines. Using this information, we can discuss with you various approaches you can take to utilize this information and draw in potential clients. One very basic way is through blog posts and informative articles. We have content writers in our office that will be able to generate these posts and articles for you based on the keywords and topics our team has generated. In addition, we have in-house designers that can help you create videos and graphic materials to go alongside your posts, articles or, merchandise.


Social Media Marketing

Although the immediacy of social media can often make you feel like you’re missing out if you step away from your computer or cell phone for a split second, it is actually rather useful as an outlet to get your brand known to the world. If you already have social media outlets established for your business that are lacking development we can help you rebrand and establish a wider following. Or, if you need help creating social media accounts for your business, we can walk you through the various sites we believe will be best suited for garnering the type of traffic you desire. In addition to the initial setup or redesign of your social media, our specialist will work with you in understanding how to gain more followers, such as using engaging topics to draw followers to participate and endorse your brand to their followers.


Influence Marketing

Another segment of marketing akin to social media with a lesser known term name is ‘influence or influencer marketing.’ Similar to social media in that it utilizes key individuals or ‘influencers’ to formulate appeal or brand trust, this type of marketing requires us to identify ‘influencers’ that could be catalysts in propagating your brand to the world. Once we have found you a few ‘influencers’ that have been briefed and are willing to partner with your business in expanding your brand following, we can work with them to establish a strategy concentrated on gaining your brand more followers. In addition, these ‘influencers’ can be great sources of inspiration for new products as they may be key players in the industry that know what your potential clients are looking for.


Website Marketing

In order to capitalize on any traffic directed to your site from search engines, social media, or influencers, you need to make sure your site captivates your audience. That being said, our team can help you establish your brand image on your site by reorganizing your content, designing graphic materials that draw attention, and conceptualizing ideas for new pages you need to expand your growing business. In addition, all content materials we generate will be posted onto all other channels you have so that your brand has a cohesive image everywhere it is displayed.


Email Marketing

As evidenced by the other forms of marketing listed above, most of the world has gone digital. With the exception of product packages and important legal documents, it follows suit that direct communication with consumers needs to follow likewise. As such, our team is trained to setup and consult with you necessary email segmentation strategies. Email is the fastest and cheapest way for you to communicate with your potential customer so even if you don’t choose to implement any of the strategies above, you should really consider making sure your emails are effective. With the coaching of one of your specialists with regards to how to setup engaging email blasts or linesheets for potential buyers, you could potentially see a bigger return on your otherwise wasted marketing opportunities.