Applepalm | Custom Apparel ERP Solutions Provider for B2B & B2C
Our ERP solution is customized to your particular business and is connected to all your sales channels for an accurate inventory and data management system.
Applepalm is Fashion Web-based software company located in the heart of the Fashion District in Los Angeles. Self sustaining profitable business through various sales channels. Website Development, Digital Marketing, Photography, and Custom Software Solutions
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EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange) – For fashion brands

Applepalm offers EDI on-boarding & Fully managed EDI service, EDI integration ( Di-Central / SPS Commerce)

  • We take care of A to Z for your easy on-boarding including EDI testing required by Fashion retailers
  • For Fashion brands, just send us your conventional packing list, we take care of converting conventional document to EDI document
  • Customized EDI Solution
  • Maintenance of existing EDI